4 Reasons Why Retailers Should Offer Coupons to Shoppers? 

4 Reasons Why Retailers Should Offer Coupons to Shoppers? 

Have you used coupons and discounted deals to grow your business? Well, the best online shopping deals, promotions and discounts can help you boom your business.

Below are top reasons why you should never stop offering coupons and special offers to your customers:

Deals Promote Overall Revenue!

More big brands are adding coupons as one of their marketing strategies to boost their bottom line. Also, small businesses get help to generate their business from daily deals, store coupons and discount codes. To be a successful retailer, you need to consider multiple channels. Be a smart retailer and know that your customer base include many types of shoppers – those who happily pay full price, and there are buyers who love to wait for new coupon and the best deals online shopping has to offer. What you can do is deliver special offers and coupons to different segments of contact list. This will motivate everyone to accomplish their next purchase.

Coupons Discourage Cart Abandonment

For shoppers, it’s risky to purchase something new from an unfamiliar brand. And, it becomes even more intimidating if they don’t have a coupon. While buying any product, shoppers look for any personal experience or peer reviews to rely on. However, a slight discount on items or promo codes for free stuff can entirely change the game and buyer’s behavior towards a risky purchase.

Statistics also reveal that if shoppers were able to redeem a coupon, they are more likely to complete their first-time purchase. Otherwise, in absence of exclusive offers and coupons, they would abandon their carts.

Promo Codes for Free Stuff

Shoppers react differently to freebies and discounts. They are more enticed to free items than discounted ones; even the given discounts save more money or get more value out of their money. Whether they are correct or wrong, consumer believe that walking away with promo codes for free stuff is better than spending less on discounted deals.

Coupons Affect Promotions!

According to a survey by RetailMeNot, large number of shoppers was agreed that they get influenced by online shopping deals, store coupons and discount codes. As a retailer, use of coupons can bring following benefits:

  • You can add specific items to cart including out of season items or excess inventory.
  • Add new product to be launched


Think of store coupons and discount codes as a handy way to soft sell shoppers. Offer the best online shopping deals today!


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